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Mr. Sanjay Raval

He is one of the well known Gujrati speaker on Fearless Life and Personality Development. By profession he is builder,author and a producer of the Gujrati Film “Vitamin she”. He runs Bookstores,Fitness Zone(Gym),Lifestyle store and hotel. He has done more than 1100 seminars in last 5 years.

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Rj Ruhan

Rj Ruhan Alam – Completed graduation in Arts, have done theatre and still goes on. Have acted in two regional movies, He is a voice over artist. Have recently acted in much loved Gujarati web series ‘ Bas Cha Sudhi ‘ !!

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Dr. Ankit Trivedi

Dr. Ankit Trivedi is a Gujarati language poet, writer and columnist. He has written 42 books, 6 dramas and done 9 audio-albums. He has also worked as a screenwriter for “Carry On Kesar” Gujarati movie. The Indian National Theatre in Mumbai awarded him the prestigious “Shayda Award” for his contribution to Gujrati Ghazal. Recently he has got the Doctoral degree in Literature from Gujarat University.

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Mr. Ankur Agarwal

An Engineer from NIT Kurukshetra and MBA from IIMLucknow. Began his career in FMCG and joined an education startup where he put things together for 7 years before jumping on to his own startup in the field of pharmacy retail He went on to start Medkart pharmacy to help people find the right price of their medicines by making quality generics available and bringing correct factual information about generics to the public at large. His aim is to make Quality Generics available and affordable to everyone.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDxLMCollegeOfPharmacy is a program of local, self-organized event that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. LINK TO OFFICIAL TED WEBSITE 👇

Date of Event - 19th May - 2019.



Samkit Shah

Licensee – Lead Organizer

Mahipalsinh Vaghela

Permission and Rule Maven

Bunch of Ideas ! Guided by the Principal - Dr. M. T. Chhabria

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